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Folk Choir CD Photo
St Mary's Folk Choir
27th December 2022
St Mary's Folk Choir have released a new CD, it is available to purchase in the Church Sacristy after Mass.   This is a wonderful opportunity to listen to the songs and the music of this much talked about choir....
Nathan Carter Concert - Huge Success
25th October 2022
Nathan Carter   The Nathan Carter concert in St Olcan's Parish Centre on 25th October 2012 was a huge success.  Tributes have been flowing in to congratulate everyone involved in promoting the event.  We would like to thank the organisers and all those who worked on the night to ensure the event was a success.  It was obvious a lot of work had gone in behind the s...
Liam Lawton Concert & Pictures
23rd October 2022
Fr Liam Lawton concert which took place on 23rd Oct was a huge success.  It was a very special, spiritual night which was completed with the participation of St Mary's Folk Choir and musicians.  We would like to thank everyone who helped to make this such a memorable event. Fr Liam has passed on his thanks for the warm reception and hospitality he, his musicians an...
Apostolic Concert
10th October 2022
Annual Rasharkin Apostolic Variety Concert   Rasharkin Apostolic Branch held their annual variety concert featuring the very best of local talent in aid of the African Appeal in St Olcan's Parish Centre Rasharkin on Saturday 29th September 2012.  The attendances were certainly not disappointed and  were treated to wonderful performances throughout the evening.  A ...
Listen To Fr Liam Lawton
6th October 2022
Listen to Fr Liam Lawton Concert   Click on the link below to listen to Fr Liam at one of his many performances Listen To Fr Liam...
Cemetery Sunday
22nd June 2022
Cemetery Sunday   Fr Murray would like to thank everyone who once again made Cemetery Sunday a very special day within the church year.  "It was marvellous to see the activity within the graveyard in the days and weeks leading up to the service, and shows great respect for the relatives who are buried within the graveyard". There was positive feed back with regard...
End of School Year Mass
14th June 2022
St Patrick’s Primary School & Nursery Unit, End of Year Thanksgiving Mass, will be in St. Mary’s Church on Tuesday 21st June at 10.00am ...
Big Breakfast - Great Success
15th April 2022
The Big Breakfast which was held on 15th April was a great success.  A big thank you to everyone who supported the event, and a special thanks to all those who helped on the day....
Direct Debit Payments
6th March 2022
For anyone who wishes to make their contribution by Direct Debit, this can be easily set up.  If you send an email to info@stmarysparishrasharkin.org or send a message to 07535506482, requesting this, we will contact you. DO NOT SEND ANY PERSONAL OR BANK DETAILS, WE DO NOT NEED ANY INFORMATION FROM YOU, WE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH A REFERENCE AND THE NECESSARY PARISH DETAI...
St Mary's Invites Exparishioners to Make Contact
6th March 2022
St Mary's Parish would like to hear from any exparishioners especially those who have moved overseas.  Please contact us with your details including your family connections within Rasharkin and your current location and family details etc....