Apostolic Work was founded in Belfast in 1923 and this voluntary organisation sent vestments, sacred vessels and financial aid to help Missionaries in their work of spreading the Gospel and improving the lives of people in third world countries.  It also helps to raise awareness of the needs of Missionaries.
The aim of the Apostolic Workers is to share in the Missionary Apostolate of the Church by means of prayer and by supplying material and financial needs to the developing Church abroad.  They send money donated by Parishioners in order to help impoverished people to have the basic amenities which we take for granted.  The money raised helps Missionaries with their programme to build or improve schools and churches; have a clean water supply; help Street Children; supply medicine; educate people on health issues, growing their own crops and generally trying to improve the quality of their lives.
Apostolic Work commenced in Rasharkin in 1957 until 1975 and re-formed in 1984. The group which presently consists of thirteen members, meets on the first Wednesday night of each month with the exception of January, July and August and the fund-raising events include an annual Sale of Work, a Concert and collecting donations once a year from Honorary Members.