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Our Parish News

St Olcan's Paraish Centre Caretaker
24th May 2022
St. Olcan’s Parish Centre – Caretaker   A vacancy has arisen for a Parish Centre Caretaker for St. Olcan’s Parish Centre.  The position is a Diocesan role, and all administration/employment details will be managed by the Diocesan Office.   Full details relating to the vacancy can be found on the Diocesan website at: http://www.do...
Direct Debit Payments
6th March 2022
For anyone who wishes to make their contribution by Direct Debit, this can be easily set up.  If you send an email to info@stmarysparishrasharkin.org or send a message to 07535506482, requesting this, we will contact you. DO NOT SEND ANY PERSONAL OR BANK DETAILS, WE DO NOT NEED ANY INFORMATION FROM YOU, WE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH A REFERENCE AND THE NECESSARY PARISH DETAI...
St Mary's Invites Exparishioners to Make Contact
6th March 2022
St Mary's Parish would like to hear from any exparishioners especially those who have moved overseas.  Please contact us with your details including your family connections within Rasharkin and your current location and family details etc....